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Photography is a wonderful thing. It can let you see the world from your couch, and it can capture emotions and feelings that you might never get elsewhere. You can commemorate the best events of your life, such as weddings, births and so on, all just by hiring a good photographer.

For this article I will focus on wedding photography, which is something you'll want to discuss with your luxury wedding planners as they might be able to assist in arranging a professional photograper.

"Hah!" you might say "Wedding photography is easy, just set up a tripod and take the picture!"


Did you consider all the different factors that effect the photo? Lighting? The aperture of the lens? Exposure time? The focal point of the image? The angle? The poses of those in the picture?

Really, this list is only just a margin of the things that a professional photographer is thinking of when he shoots you and your beau on the big day. So never hold back on the photographer, since in 10, 20 years, you could be looking at these photos thinking "It was such a lovely day, but these pictures are terrible!" - And that would simply be no good. Learn more about wedding planners in london.

What you need is a professional photographer who can prove their abilities with a good portfolio of high quality images that show the subjects in the best way they could.

One mistake many people make, is hiring the wrong type of photographer for the job. You might think that someone who can take crystal-clear photographs of horses running at high speed is someone you want to take your wedding photos, but the truth is you want someone experience mostly in the realm of wedding photography to ensure that they will take the best possible photos.